To Make It Simple

The basic concept of the HIPAA Privacy Rule is to ensure that Protected Health Information (PHI) is protected by restricting the use and disclosure of patient data in: how it is stored; who can access it; when it is used; as well as give patients rights regarding the protection of their health information or control over how and when it's used and by whom.


The basic concept of HIPAA Security Rule is to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availabilty of electronic protected health information (E-PHI) when it is stored, maintained, or transmitted.



1. HIPAA provides a set of national "information rights" to all patients: access, amendments, disclosure accounting, restriction requests, confidential communications, and access to local and federal "complaint" resources. 


2. HIPAA imposes a parallel set of "information duties" on covered entities and the persons who work in/for them; everyone who handles health information is obligated to understand the specific rules that apply to their setting, and follow them in daily practice.


3. Protected Health Information identifiers include the following: name, address, all elements of dates except year, telephone number, fax number, email address, URL address, IP address, social security number, account numbers, license numbers, medical record identifiers and serial numbers, biometric identifiers (finger and voice prints), full face photos and other comparable images, and any other unique identifying number, code, or characteristic. 


4. Make sure shred bins are locked especially in hallways and areas where patients have access.

Key Points



HIPAA Certification

A state-wide HIPAA certification is not currently available. An end goal of the Walla Walla Clinical Shadowing Program is an online HIPAA certification program, accepted by hospitals/clinics/providers across the state. For now, we suggest you familarize yourself with HIPAA by reading news articles, looking at case studies of "HIPAA gone wrong" and thourghly reading the information given by the hospital/clinc on pre-medical shadowing.